new recording to be used by city/community group

“start thinking in a brand new way,” a song i wrote a number of years ago for the first incarnation of the “cool captain climate show,” is going to be used by the city of peterborough and active and safe routes to school to promote school transportation programs.

the track features some peterborough musical heavyweights: glen caradus (paddling puppeteers/freshwater trade/brock stonefish band) on harmonica, curtis driedger (bob cajun/the cee dees/the conestokers/the mandolin society of peterborough) on mandolin, and beau dixon (solo artist/slips and the high fives/slips and the low-fi’s/dub trinity) on bass and drums. the track was also produced by beau.

i’ll be heading back into beau’s studio september to record a new transportation-themed verse and clean up a few rough edges. we’ll also be editing down a take to jingle length for tv/radio ads.

in the meantime, check out the video, shot by candace shaw. we’ll be making a new video for the song this fall.

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