back from beautiful british columbia

IMGP1728 the blogging from out west didn’t go as planned…

my fault, really, as i managed to pack my laptop but not the power cord needed to give it juice. an hour after i plugged in my blogging was over.

as it turned out, i had to postpone a freelance article i was planning on writing.

c’est la vie.

it was worth it.

with no writing to distract me, i managed to enjoy a week and a half of fun with krista.

from visiting with her kin in port coquitlam (and the detox needed afterwards) to our jaunt across vancouver island, the entire trip was fantastic.

some highlights:

· hiking above tree line at whistler. after living in the rockies for a few years, I constantly jones for the mountains. this was a real treat.

· sea kayaking the southern section of the pacific rim. nice views, giant starfish, and black bear doing an all you can eat buffet on crab during the low tide.

· body surfing at long beach. sure, it would have been better to rent a surf board, but we did the next best thing!

· kayaking clayoquet sound. hemmed in by mountains, having a seal play closeby, bald eagles flying overhead, we made our way to some old growth temperate rainforest. huge western red cedars, giant sitka spruce. mind blowing. truly mind blowing.

i’ll be setting up a new flickr account soon. you can check out the pictures then.