working with pros

i love working with the pros. you know, the folks who do things right. the all stars that can make anything sound and look just right.

today i was treated to a couple of examples of the pros doing things right.

first, despite the ungodly hour, the lack of caffeine, and the utter disregard for grumbling stomachs, i had a blast working with:


andrew and david ooze creativity. when they brought forward storyboards and mock-ups for the ecomobility-funded shifting gears campaign, i thought, “nicely done, lads.” a part of me worried that they might be aiming above their technical abilities, but when i saw them at work this morning, filming the first of several commercials, my confidence snapped back. their vision, if they pull it off, will show itself in a fresh, crisp, humourous ad campaign.

some of the fun:

watching shifting gears ambassador, clifford, wheeling page design’s david (along with a very heavy looking steady-cam) around the streets of peterborough on the back of an extend-a-cycle. david bailing off a clifford-led dolly that was careening down the sidewalks outside city hall. the sharp crackle of wit as the boys found humour in every step of the filming process.

i’ll be posting photos of the shoot soon. and the commercial itself when it is ready.

later in the day, i had a visit from:


beau was dropping of a mastered cd of the jingle and single of “start thinking in a brand new way.” the cd will be used in schools across the peterborough area to promote car free school days. the jingle will be used during announcements and for ad campaigns, while the song will be used in assemblies, music classes, and announcements. we’re in the process of creating a radio ad. look for it here first.

anyhow, on the cd:

1. Start Thinking in a Brand New Way — Transportation Version
2. Start Thinking in a Brand New Way — 30 Second Jingle
3. Start Thinking in a Brand New Way — Full Length Version
4. Walking Up/Walking Down

did i mention that beau is a pro-star? so is: glen caradus (harmonica and vocals on “walking up/walking down”), curtis dreidger (mandolin, fiddle, and, maybe, some guitar in the mix). they sure made me sound a lot better.

finally, small print designer, brianna salmon, started work on the cover of our new disc. while samples wont be ready until early next week, i want let the cat out of the bag with a few words: camp, ’70’s, saturday morning cartoon.

happy thursday.

you’re almost done the week.

and i’m rootin’ for you all.

in the meantime, i’m exhausted. i’m not even sure this post is readable. but i’m posting it anyway.


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