small print turns, well, older.

well… truth be told, the company didn’t celebrate a birthday, but i did. back on saturday. the 3rd of october, in case you feel like sending a present next year.

and it ended with a birthday year ended with a 0.

but enough about age…

the weekend was rife with surprises, all courtesy of my dear wife, krista.

the weekend started off with krista whisking me out of town to prince edward county. we pulled into the driveway of the little yellow house after dark and were both impressed by the quaint and quirky 190-year old building. a lovely dinner with wine followed.

after a wonderful breakfast, i was surprised when my dear friend, ray, pulled into the driveway. apparently both krista and ray are better than passable liars, for both had thrown up smokescreen for months.

it was a pity that ray’s lovely wife, amy, couldn’t be there, but the three of us still managed a magical afternoon of vineyard visiting and wine tasting.

for those wondering about the great prince edward county wineries, i am now able to give reports on the following:

huff estates
sugarbush vineyards
by chadsey’s cairns winery
the grange
closson chase vineyards
waupoos estates winery
county cider company

the best wine of the day: the grange’s 2006 cab/merlot

the most pleasant vineyard: the ultra-non-pretentious owner’s basement at sugarbush.

the most scenic vineyard: hands down, by chadsey’s cairns winery.

we followed the tour by one of the best dining experiences of my life: the harvest restaurant in picton. and stayed up intil the wee hours with wine and cigars.

and if the weekend weren’t magical enough, on sunday afternoon, still slightly groggy from the night before, i was surprised by a small gathering of close friends who had set up a surprise bbq in our backyard.

krista, it seemed, had been busy in the weeks leading up to my birthday.

i’d like to take the opportunity to thank EVERYONE involved in this incredible weekend — especially krista.

i am still amazed by the best weekend i’ve had in years.

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