a return to column writing

i love writing regular print columns. the length of the medium, along with its traditional blend of personal anecdote and insightful reporting, allows me to be both creative and informative. regular readers of my past columns know that i tend to follow a personal story arc throughout these works, sharing tales of my family and my (mis)adventures in improving my own personal world and the world around me. i enjoy teaching through self-deprecating humour.

it is for this reason that i am excited to announce that i will be returning to column writing in the new year. i’ve signed on to write a parenting column of sorts for three parenting magazines. the column will follow my adventures as a new father and tackle parenting issues from a “dad’s” perspective.

once again it will feature fun tales of my family: my wife, krista, my dog, cedar, and the soon to be born, little “baby unit.” in the first few editions, i will be covering birthing options (midwife/doctor, home birth/hospital), getting your baby’s room ready, and “the dad’s role in childbirth.” it should be a fun and educational read.

look for my column in the following magazines:

Peterborough Kids
Northumberland Kids
Lakeridge Kids

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