farm to table site and blog launched

today in the small print blog…

uh… my other blog.

the farm to table blog is meant to inspire home cooks everywhere to try to make local, seasonal, and organic food selections an important part of their daily diet. The blog will contain recipes and tips for locavore cooking, anecdotes and musings on food-related matters, and links to websites that we find interesting, valuable, or simply amusing. It will also feature information on growing, storing, and preserving your own food.

of course it is also the home of farm to table catering:  “a small-scale catering company that specializes in showcasing local, seasonal cuisine. we believe in choosing local foods for environmental reasons, for personal health, and for for fresher, better tasting meals. and we want to share our meals with you!” pop by the new site.  leave a comment and let us know that you are excited about local food!