don tapscott maps the landcape of the internet.

i had the wonderful opportunity to cover a lecture by don tapscott this past week.

for those of you not in the loop, tapscott is a guru of the digital age. his thoughts and writings have helped define the impact of the internet on politics, economics, and popular culture. he is the best-selling author of wikinomics, growing up digital, macrowikinomics, as well as a dozen other titles.

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internet guru, don tapscott, gets a mid-lecture tweet.

internet guru, don tapscott, gets a mid-lecture tweet.

“A faint buzzing could be heard two minutes into the Tapscott-Lopes Business and Society Lecture delivered by Mr. Don Tapscott himself on Wednesday, February 9, 2011 in the Wenjack Theatre at Trent University. The Internet guru and best-selling author of Macrowikinomics: Rebooting Business & the World patted his pockets for a moment before pulling out a mobile device.

“I have mail,” Mr. Tapscott admitted sheepishly, while glancing at the screen. “Actually,” he said while turning it off, “I have a tweet.” And with that, a wonderfully entertaining and informative lecture on the impact of the internet began…”

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