from the small print office charts

The_Secret_Song_lgDJ Spooky, The Secret Song

“DJ Spooky connects the dots between jazz, classical music, and the struggle to create new, dynamic relationships between old school hip hop and and 21st century’s rapidly changing info-culture landscape.”

1. Intro- The War Of Ideas
2. 5 Million Ways To Kill A CEO- feat. The Coup
3. Multiphonic- Feat. rob Swift
4. Dazed And Confused Dub- feat. The Golden Hornet Project
5. Measure By Measure- feat. George W. Bush
6. The Secret Song- feat. Jing Zhou
7. Myxamatosis
8. Where I’m At- feat. Zimbabwe Legit and Mike G. of The Jungle Brothers
9. L’Autre- Feat. The Golden Hornet Project
10. Heliocentric- feat. Peter Gordon
11. Azadi (The New Complexity)- feat. Sussan Deyhim
12. Composite Refraction Drum Solo
13. Pax Per fidem- Feat. Post Modern jazz Quartet
14. Iago’s Lament- Feat. Vijay Iyer
15. Known Unkowns- Feat. Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth and Mike Ladd
16. Salt Satyagraha- Feat. Abdul Smooth
17. Point- Counterpoint
18. No Quarter- Feat The Golden Hornet Project
19. Cognitiva- Feat. Emah Fox , The Golden Hornet Project
20. Duality