Lunchtime Concert Series, Episode 2: Carrion Street.

The Lunchtime Concert Series, Episode 2. Carrion Street.

Partly inspired by Dylan’s Desolation Row, it is more a series of character sketches put to music. The stock figures (The Humbled Actress, The Unknown Soldier, The Broken Rock Star, and the Politician) all end up populating Carrion Street — a kind of Skid Row of the soul.

About the Lunchtime Concert Series:
The joy of being a writer is that you get to work from home. Which means you can do things at lunchtime that other people don’t get to, like popping into your music room for a quick tune on the guitar. I was chatting about this online one day, and someone asked me to send them a link to what was playing. And the idea for the lunchtime concert series was born.