Philanthropy Day Coverage From Trent University

erin 2 smallSmall Print was on hand to cover a National Philanthropy Day luncheon — and no, not for the free food, though I was well-fed. You can find the coverage by clicking on the photo.

A snippet from the piece:

Erin Hartmans… uses her award to make time for volunteerism.

“I am a volunteer-a-holic,” she admitted. “During high school, I tried to be involved with as many groups as possible. I tried to always give back. Getting a scholarship has allowed me the opportunity to continue this at the university level. It’s helping me gain the opportunities to become a better leader in my community.”

Ms. Hartmans, who volunteers with KWIC, Trent’s Impact Student Leader program, and Trent Global Living, considers Trent to be the perfect school for people who want to give their time to beneficial causes.

“I had heard so much about Trent,” she recalled. “About how active it was in social causes and the environment. It’s the school of my dreams – and I almost didn’t get the chance to come here. Without a scholarship, I would have had to go to school close to home in Guelph.”