Trent University Researcher Addresses Algae Fears in Cottage Country

Trent University M.Sc. candidate, Colleen Middleton, examines an algae sample at a Kawartha Protect Our Water event in Bobcaygeon.

I had the opportunity to cover a community-based educational evening on water quality in the Kawartha Lakes.

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Homeowners and cottagers had a rare opportunity to talk to a Trent researcher about the effects of algae on June 19, 2012 at an event in the City of Kawartha Lakes. M.Sc. candidate, Ms. Colleen Middleton, addressed a capacity crowd at the Bobcaygeon Service Centre and then took time to personally answer questions and examine samples brought in by residents.

“It was a great experience,” reported Ms. Middleton, who is working with Trent University’s renowned David Schindler professor in Aquatic Sciences, Dr. Paul Frost. “People are definitely concerned about algae levels in their lakes,” she continued, “particularly why they seem to increase. And they are doubly concerned when they realize that some of those algae blooms can, in fact, be toxic. Being able to address some of those concerns on a one-on-one basis is a pretty unique experience, both for me and, I think, for residents.”

Click here for the full story on the Trent University news feed.