Nature Photography for Kids: a Small Print Article in the Kidz Ink Series of Magazines

You can find my article on Nature Photography for Kids in the current online and print editions of Peterborough Kids, Lakeridge Kids, and Northumberland Kids.

You can also read it here.

Here’s a snippet from the piece:

The world of nature comes alive when viewed through a lens.

A simple dewdrop unexpectedly reveals a rainbow of colour.  The wing of a monarch butterfly becomes an intricate map, with ink-black trails on a tangerine landscape.

The discoveries are amazing and endless when you slow down and look carefully with a camera.  That’s why nature photography is so appealing to kids.  They are simply “wowed” by what they suddenly find in their own back yards.  It is big time adventure on an easily captured scale.

Nature photography is a fun and fascinating hobby that can last a lifetime.  It’s also a great way to get kids outdoors, and to teach them how to appreciate what is around them.  They learn patience and persistence as they go after that perfect shot, and develop artistic and compositional skills that they can use in schools and in their future careers.

So here’s how to get them started.

For the full article, please visit here.

Special thanks to Jessica Melnik and Neil Muscott for being interview subjects.  You can check out Jessica’s work at  Neil has been doing some great photographic studies of Toronto lately.  Be sure to check out his Urban Jammer Facebook page for examples.