The Road According to Ian Tamblyn

I recently attended a house concert — part of the sublime Gilmour Street Concert Hall series — where the incredibly talented Ian Tamblyn was playing.  The hosts of the concert were kind enough to send out this article that I had written about Ian a few years back.

As Managing Editor of Trent Magazine, I do sometimes take the opportunity to pluck some of the sweet stories for myself.  Not very often, mind you — in fact, only a few times over the past 4 years or so — but when they dovetail with writing or areas of knowledge that I specialize in, I will sometimes assign myself.  In this case, as a songwriter, musician, former board member of the Peterborough Folk Festival, and a guy who has written quite a bit about folk music, I figured an Ian Tamblyn piece pretty much fit my niche.

Because I don’t think I’ve ever blogged this piece, I thought now would be a good time — particularly while I still have the memory of Ian’s most recent show in my mind.

If you’ve never had the chance to see Ian live, I suggest that you make time to.  Chances are good that he’ll be playing a venue near you soon.  As Johnny Cash would have said “He’s been everywhere, man.”

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