Peterborough Economic Development Rebranding

Among my favourite clients are the the fine folks at the Greater Peterborough Area Economic Development Corporation (GPAEDC) — a great group with a really long name.

The GPAEDC is responsible for attracting large and small business/industry to the area, as well as for promoting and creating opportunities for both the tourism and agriculture sectors.  In other words, they’re trying their darndest to ensure economic sustainability for Peterborough and the the surrounding areas.

I’ve been working closely with the GPAEDC on re-branding local economic development.  While much of the re-branding material is still under wraps, they have launched their new website.  Small Print worked closely with the GPAEDC to ensure the tone and content of the site was just right for its audience.  I also provided much of the copy for the project.

So click on over to the new site and be impressed with what the Peterborough area can offer for businesses of all sizes.