Electric City Heartbreak (the Power Outage Song)

Photo courtesy of www.mykawartha.com. Taken by Alex Karas.

Once again, Peterborough was plunged into darkness yesterday, as our ever-fragile utilities grid was apparently felled by one fallen line.

Over on the twitters, my friend, Alana Callan, offhandedly suggested that I write a country song about the situation. A few minutes later, there was this: Electric City Heartbreak (the Power Outage Song).

It’s all there, folks: the delicate nature of our power grid, the 4:10pm tweet from Peterborough Utilities promising that power would return by 4:00pm, an unrelated cheap shot at our MP… and my poor, poor broken heart.

Recorded with battery power from the built-in mic on my mac, this is my teary shot from the dark.

Enjoy, and thanks for all of the retweets!

Electric City Heartbreak (the Power Outage Song)
Woodstove and candles
And 3G cell tweeting,
Just like the olden days.
My baby she left me
For Omemee farmland,
Something ‘bout a roll in the hay.
My reception is spotty,
My hearts in the potty,
Utilities just can’t tell the time.
So I’ll hit the ol’ hashtag
Use the last of my battery
And tweet this ol’ Peterborough rhyme.

Oh, Electric City,
Don’t be shitty,
We need lights.
Oh Electric City
I can’t take these
Lonely nights.

Well somebody sneezed
And a power line wheezed
Now we are plunged into dark.
My wireless is gone,
To my cellphone I’m drawn
To tweet ‘bout my broken heart.

But my cell phone’s gone dead
As DelMastro’s head,
I guess I’m truly alone.
Without my ol twitter
To help me forget her
It’s the saddest that I’ve ever known.

Electric City Heartbreak (the Power Outage Song)