#petertweeter FAQ’s

A few hours after opening the voting for the #Petertweeter Awards, 175 people had already voted.  The #Petertweeter hashtag was moving at roughly 80 tweets per hour.  And my in-box and Twitter Direct Message folders were bulging at the seams.

I’ll be announcing more stats tomorrow, but I can tell you that there have been hundreds and hundreds of tweets about these awards.

People, it seems, take the #Petertweeters pretty darned seriously.

With a second to breathe in between the numerous requests for info, I thought I’d answer a few of the more popular questions that I have been getting swamped with.

How and where do I vote?

Visit www.kruzfm.ca or www.thewolf.ca and follow instructions.  Simple as that.

How often can I vote?

Once per 24 hour period.

When does voting close?

March 10th, at midnight.

Is it a formal event?

It is a semi-formal, semi-casual event.  Last year, people looked pretty spiffy.  There was also an organic theme of “Peterborough Plaid” that occurred, with many tweeps dressing in their tartan’d best — including homemade plaid outfits.

Why wasn’t I nominated in _______ category?

There could be any number of reasons.  This year, we definitely tried to differentiate the categories so that as many people and organizations as possible could get some attention.  We tried to choose people and groups that fit the precise definition of each particular category.  If a big gun is left out of one category, it is probably because we saw them as a better fit in another.

Also, there are a few categories that were left blank.  If you really believe that you are the crème de la Twitter crème, then you’ll probably be recognized at the #Petertweeters when we list of the top nominations in the Trend Setting and #Petertweeter awards.

Other people, sadly and honestly to say, might not have had the Twitter stats to get them to the top.  You might be a heck of a nice guy or gal, and clever to boot.  You might have the funniest tweets on the planet.  But if you only have 100 followers, you’re probably not going to get nominated.

And there have been some people/organizations with lower numbers who have pleaded their case to be included.  We have included them.  Will they win?  Probably not, but…

Remember, folks: not everyone who attends the Oscars is up for an award.

What it means to win a #peterTweeter award? Prizes? Bragging rights? A seat on Council?  A parking lot facing Charlotte Street?

Really, the #Petertweeters mean whatever you bring to them. The important part of the night is celebrating the strength and diversity of our online community.  And showcasing a wide variety of people.  So, relax.  Take a deep breath.  And have fun with it.

Should I campaign for my #Petertweeter award?

One of the most fun parts of the awards have been the creative, passionate, and sometimes downright wacky campaigns that have been waged.  Definitely join in the excitement.

*          *          *

There you go.  Some timely answers for some recent questions.

Now get back to voting.  And enjoy the ride!