#Petertweeter Film Festival

The 2013 #Petertweeter Awards were another resounding success — with universally positive reviews.

In the coming days, I’ll post some of the media hits and comments we accumulated, but in the meantime, I’d like to offer up a “best of” #Petertweeter video posting.  Plenty of creative passion went into these crowd-sourced videos.  And all of them garnered huge applause during the show.

First up, we have Sunday New York Times by Rick Dolishny (@rdolishny).  Through the story of a random act of kindness, Rick also tells the story of the #Petertweeters — and the impact they have on the Peterborough online community.  I’d like to thank Rick for all the post-production that went into making me seem smarter than I actually am.

Next, photographer and videographer, Michael Hurcomb (@michaelhurcomb), “details and parodies the struggles that Cam Elliott (@Cam_BigRed) had when his neighbour complained about the noise pollution caused by his practicing basketball. The intro is inspired by, and features the music from ‘Parks and Recreation.'”

It is a positive story of how both the Peterborough and basketball communities came together online to support a kid who just wanted to play.  It also features Michael’s extremely cute daughter, Audrey.


Out of the blue came a series of videos from photographer Marlon Hazlewood (@HazlewoodImages) and his partner, Lisa Besseling (@lisabesseling).  After the #Petertweeters hit a bit of a controversy, this duo responded by trying to instil some of the fun and irreverence that were originally hallmarks of the show.

Cuteness abounds:

Here they join forces with their biggest “rivals” in the “Cutest/Barfiest” category:

The #Petertweeters kicked off with a “live” entrance by co-hosts Dani Stover (@danigray) and Catherine Hanrahan (@Chan_Rahan).  They almost didn’t make it:

Speaking of Dani and Catherine, here is footage of their opening song and dance number, shot from the crowd by Vince Bierworth (@VinceB).  They brought the house down:

Look for more #Petertweeter coverage in the coming days.

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