Trent Magazine Arts Edition and Editorial

Click on the page for the full-sized .pdf.

Click on the page for the full-sized .pdf of my editorial.

As managing editor of Trent Magazine, one of my favourite tasks is my editorial.  Quite simply, it is my way to offer a few shout-outs while telling a (hopefully) amusing tale.

This issue focused on Trent Alumni who have carved careers through their involvement in fine art.  It features a number of people that I have grown to know over the years: multi-Gemini Award winning matte painter, Jim Maxwell; mixed-medium artist, Beth McCubbin; multi-discipline artist, Adam David Brown, arts administrators, Candace Shaw and Su Ditta; and others.

It was a joy to put together.  Hopefully you agree.

Click here to download the full issue.

Trent University Art is Just “Fine”

In kindergarten, my teacher called my art a “scribble.”

As tough as I was thin-skinned, I kept my feelings to myself until I got home, whereupon I burst into tears.

And refused to go back to school for two days.

Legend has it that my mother admonished Ms. Bishop – a woman that many parents viewed as in desperate need of retirement – in spectacular fashion. “A child’s artwork a scribble? What else on earth is it supposed to be?

While I appreciated Mom having my 5-year old back, I remained shy of taking part in visual art classes throughout elementary school – a sensitive young thing, I did not take criticism well. This proved more difficult in high school, as I attended a school for the arts, but I nonetheless managed to dodge any serious fine arts training.

Since then, the only painting I’ve done is latex on wall. My main medium is the upper parts, near the ceiling, where my 5’2” wife can’t reach – even on a chair.

In short, I’ve spent the bulk of my life trying to avoid sketching, drawing, painting, or sculpting.

This fear of fine art has not, however, affected me as a patron. In fact, because of my background in both music and writing, I have found myself sitting on a few arts-based Boards of Directors and committees. Heck, plunk a glass of wine in my hand, and there is almost no place I’d rather be than at a gallery show opening.

Which is why I am so excited about this spring publication of TRENT Magazine. In this Fine Art edition, we’re featuring a roster of artists that is truly breathtaking. Some of these talented people have applied their creative inspiration to careers in design, fashion, and journalism; others have chosen to carve careers either as artists or in the arts sector. All of them were nurtured by the creative/cultural greenhouse that is the Trent/Peterborough arts scene.

While we are on the topic of Trent and the arts – this is the perfect time to showcase the many works to be found in the Trent University Art Collection (TUAC).  See the write-up on TUAC and find out how a dedicated group is working to ensure that the University’s collection will be maintained and continue to grow.

In the meantime, however, there is a whole lot of art to share. We’ve taken the time to dig up links to the work of many Trent alumni artists – and we invite you to take the time to browse their works online.

Consider it a once-in-a-lifetime alumni gallery art show.

And there’s not a scribble in the bunch.