Dub Trinity Explores New Sounds, Releases New Album

Dub Trinity are set to release a brand new album, recorded by Peterborough sound maestro, James McKenty.  Their new album is packed with sounds that stretch the sonic horizon — it’s a huge musical growth for them.  The album officially drops this Friday, with their record release show at the Red Dog.  You can get a sneak peek on their website.  I was pleased to write some of the promo material for the album/release.

Dub Trinity deliver message-based music of solidarity that transcends both borders and genres – a modern, hybridized folk music. Rooted in dub reggae and ska, the band has made a career of incorporating diverse elements into their eclectic sound, from activist funk to revolutionary R&B. With their latest release, The People Hold The Power, this diversity expands to include elements of Stax-style soul, 60’s-influenced rock, and experimental alternative. Uniquely independent, they’ve created a genre wholly of their own – one that draws audiences of all musical backgrounds into a celebration of community empowerment.

Made up of veterans of the Canadian music scene, Dub Trinity has many influences. Band members have been a part of outfits ranging from the Cheap Suits to the Conestokers to the Silver Hearts – and yet they hold an iconic position of their own. After 15 years of making music, there is still no one else like Dub Trinity.

The People Hold The Power showcases the band playing to each member’s strength and experience. The result is a stylistic synthesis that sees Dub Trinity genre-hopping from track to track – and often within individual songs themselves.

Run For Cover kicks things off with a sound that blends modern alternative with driving Detroit soul before exploding skyward into pure anthemic rock. Socialize harnesses plastic soul to driving horn-section funk in a call to political and economic revolution. The reggae and ska feel of the band are more pronounced on several other tracks – but even then, with some stylistic shifts. The sway of Gone Clear features snaking guitars and keyboards; the Kevlar Clad Jamaican rhythms erupt into a tower of power chords; while the Land of Look Behind takes on a head-bopping storytelling vibe.

The diverse sounds of the album are tied together by tight rhythms that are guaranteed to fill dance floors and stage-fronts. Dub Trinity remains a band that deserves to be seen as well as heard.

Dub Trinity are releasing The People Hold the Power to their hometown crowd in Peterborough this Saturday, November 7th at the Historic Red Dog Tavern. The night includes a tribute to the Clash to finish the evening. CD releases in other cities such as Toronto will be announced soon.