graphic uk psa pushes the envelope… and succeeds.

you’ve probably seen it already… the public service announcement from the uk that delivers a very graphic and very disturbing portrayal of an automobile accident caused by careless driving and text messaging. it has been covered by all the major media outlets and has received a kajillion hits on youtube.

at some point, i’m sure, i’ll discuss viral videos and the marketing wake they create.

in the meantime, however, i’ll just point out that government communication programs can be effective. while this seems to be a rare occurrence, the folks behind this ad — the gwent police force in wales — have proven that, by taking risks, by pushing the envelope, and by hiring a team with a keen understanding of marketing, a political ad campaign can make a difference.

the hyper-realism of this ad is what makes it a viral success story. and it is also the key to making a difference in drivers, not just in gwent, but worldwide. the filmmakers have ensured it will travel far and fast. and that watchers will think twice next time they reach for the cell phone while driving.

very effective marketing and communications.

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