as details of the michael bryant story leak…

as details of the michael bryant story continue to leak, it would be tempting to back down from the stance of my previous blog entry. tempting, but not very true to my argument.

it may well end up that darcy sheppard was intoxicated. that he had previously had a run-in with police. that he attacked the ex-attorney general. none of this is known yet, though i suspect it may be the case.

none of this really affects the main points brought up by the blog entry: conflicts between cyclists and motorists are on the increase. there is a disparity between how cyclists and motorists are treated on the road, by police, through legislation, and in transportation infrastucture. many cyclists do feel that they have no options other than by taking things into their own hands. and the fear that cyclists feel when this combines with dangerous driving conditions and the reaction to sudden and great peril, will cause for altercations.

this case may be an example of what happens when this kind of fear and oppression manifests itself into irrational acts. this too is a by-product of too many altercations happening on the streets. this too is a result of result of the day-to-day conditions cyclists face.

the fact of the matter is that, no matter what, this story will result in much debate about cycling conditions and the reasons behind increased cyclist/motorist conflict. and if this debate does not lead to changes in conditions on the street, then it is an opportunity wasted.

4 thoughts on “as details of the michael bryant story leak…

  1. Terri Elvald says:

    Regardless of whether Sheppard was intoxicated, and regardless of him hitting the car with his bag, or hand or whatever it was, it did not give Bryant the right to kill him, though I’m sure that’s not what his intent was, I’m sure it wasn’t to calmly resolve the conflict either. If Bryant was afraid of the intoxicated rowdy cyclist, then a 911 call might have been in order – not what he did, which was drive away and continue to drive in a reckless fashion with a person attached to his car.

    The only thing that would convince me that Sheppard is equally at fault for his own death is if it turns out that the initial accident which they argued about was Sheppard’s fault. If it was Bryant’s fault, then sure Sheppard could have handled it better but you and I agree, he has a reason to be mad that stems from much more than that one single incident. If on the other hand Sheppard was at fault for the initial bump – he should have shut up and moved along. It still didn’t give Bryant the right to do more than call for police assistance, and that he didn’t do that – suggests that Bryant was at fault.

    In any case, I hope that you get out of it what you want, but I see a high profile person (who I already have a huge dispute with) getting out on a death related charge on recognizance, and likely those charges will never manifest to a conviction, and if by chance they do, the penalty will be nothing because that is the other tragedy here. The tragedy that having money and being a public figure excuse you from having to pay for your crimes. I also wonder quite strongly if the cogs and wheels aren’t turning to make Bryant look a little more innocent than he was. The guy is a turd, he’s always been a turd, and always will be. Yes, I’m still a bit mad about the pit bull thing. We all have our causes, and cycling is yours – dogs are mine. Hopefully he’ll do more for your cause.

  2. Donald Fraser says:

    you’re right. i think, no matter what, if you bash a person of trees, lamp posts, and mailboxes, it is murder.

    i don’t have any vendetta against bryant, though i hear he isn’t a peach. but if he did what he did, oi…

  3. Donald Fraser says:

    uh… OFF trees, lamp posts…

  4. Terri Elvald says:

    Exactly… what justifies doing that? A drunk guy yelling at you? Certainly not. A drunk guy with a gun to your head yelling at you while you have no way to call for help – maybe. I just have an ill feeling that nothing will happen to Bryant. Something may happen in regards to laws and cyclists, which is good, then again, maybe the only thing they’ll address is drinking and cycling, missing the point entirely just as with the pit bull ban. Unfortunately, little will be done in the name of fairness and equity in justice. Cops, politicians, and people with a great deal of money always manage to stay above the law – or bend it and use it to their advantage.

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