trent radio: off the air and in need of assistance.

this just in from my friend jill staveley from trent radio:

“Hello Trent Radio Lovers

“As you have probably already heard, Trent Radio is in the middle of a small crisis.

“Tuesday morning we went off the air due to technical malfunctions with our transmission equipment. We are still programming as usual, and can be heard via the internet web stream found at

“This is not only bad news because it has taken us off your radio dial for an unknown amount of time, but it is also a very costly expense for an already underfunded Community Broadcast Facility.

“We will be organizing a few Emergency Fundraising Initiatives to help cover the costs of the repairs, and are looking for any help our community can offer at this time.

“You can make donations online via our website, and you can also come down to the station (715 George St. North), drink a cup of coffee with our wonderful programmers, volunteers and staff – and offer your emotional, intellectual and financial support in person.

“Please keep your eyes peeled for information regarding upcoming events.

“We will continue to post updates regarding the transmission equipment on our Trent Radio Facebook Page.

“Thanks in advance for all of your support during this troublesome time!”

a bit of follow-up info:

trent radio is having a benefit. read more about it here.