Lunchtime Concert Series, Episode 6: It’s Only Life.

I should change the name of this series to the “Haven’t played it in years and decided to butcher it without a practice run-through concert series.”


I haven’t played this in, I don’t know… 8-9 years, I’m guessing. I was going through my songbook, looking for something to play for the Concert Series, and this page fell out onto the floor. I looked at it, picked up “Stella,” the guitar it was written on, pointed the camera, and away I went.

It was written years and years ago for a good friend when we were both a bit down on our luck.

About the Lunchtime Concert Series:
The joy of being a writer is that you get to work from home. Which means you can do things at lunchtime that other people don’t get to, like popping into your music room for a quick tune on the guitar. I was chatting about this online one day, and someone asked me to send them a link to what was playing. And the idea for the lunchtime concert series was born.

The only rule of the lunchtime concert series is that I have to do the song in one take.

And, yes, I take requests.