The Food Wing of Small Print (“Farm to Table” blogs, recipes, and photos)

While much of my writing goes on behind the scenes of non-profit and government organizations, I have also been busying myself with a kind of Small Print side project.

Farm to Table started out as an attempt to bring my love of food to catering and food education. Due to the hectic schedule of Small Print and the opportunities for writing and communications through my interest in local, seasonal food, Farm to Table has evolved into a food writing/education company. It is equally, if not more exciting, because I get to share my passion for local flavours to a larger audience.

Please visit my two Farm to Table blogs, MyKawartha Farm to Table and Farm to Table for a good look into local, seasonal food in Peterborough and the surrounding areas. You’ll find profiles of farmers, producers and chefs, as well as recipes and photo essays of local farmers markets.

Look for the Farm to Table column in Peterborough This Week. It looks to be running around once every two weeks.

I also urge you to follow me on twitter @farm_to_table and to “Like” or join the Farm to Table facebook page for more coverage of local food producers, fun stories, and recipes.

As a teaser, please join me in a slideshow of the very colourful and picturesque Lakefield Farmers’ Market. It was a joy to shoot, and it is a joy to share.

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