dangerous driving through picket line at fleming

Edit: I’ve removed the video from my YouTube account. Sadly, there were too many comments from students applauding the dangerous driving act.

Edit: CHEX NewsWatch, the Peterborough Examiner, www.ptbocanada.com, and several blogs have used the capture of this video. It is wonderful to see social networking successfully provide such immediate community-based reporting and support.

This video shows students illegally running a traffic light and then barreling through the SSFC picket line.

I’ve put this up temporarily for people to access while investigating/reporting on the dangerous driving incident at Fleming College. The username was pleasedontstrike. If you have any information on this incident, please contact Peterborough Lakefield Community Police Services.

DANGER! driving through protesters @ FLEMING COLLEGE STRIKE

2 thoughts on “dangerous driving through picket line at fleming

  1. JR says:

    This is why Flemming students have a bad reputation in the city. Rude, disrespectful, awful kids. Bunch of rotten members of our community. What wonderful leaders of tomorrow. My thoughts are with the picketers and hope they are all safe working in such an awful school.

  2. Respected Fleming St says:

    Howdy, so lets be honest here, JR, not every Fleming Student takes the NoFrills shopping carts and drives over picketers with their cars. Sure we have some people that could use a good disciplinary class or 2 but really, to say because of one moron that over FIVE THOUSAND students from all over the world are “rotten members of the community” and that its such “an awful school”, not accurate. My first year was amazing with respectful people and a great place to learn. Come to the school yourself and say hi to ten people, all ten with smile and say hello back, that is the kind of people we are. Urs truly, A respected Fleming Student

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