The #petertweeterawards

Introducing: The #petertweeter Awards

It is official, the #petertweeter awards will be happening early in the new year, with a dynamic duo of hosts: Dani Stover (@danigray) of the WOLF and Catherine Hanrahan (@Chan_Rahan) of KRUZ Radio. We’ll be announcing our great sponsors soon. Money raised for the event will go to Peterborough Green-Up (@ptbogreenup). Look for new web coverage soon — including a new online home for voting/announcements. Want to keep up to date? Follow #petertweeter on Twitter.

The #petertweeter Awards:

Peterborough has a vibrant, creative online community, with no shortage of fascinating, informing, humourous, educating, entertaining, and passionate members.

As a means of recognizing some of the tremendous personalities in our online community, the #petertweeter Awards will spotlight some of the brightest and best that Peterborough has to offer. By garnering both traditional and social media attention, the #petertweeters will increase traffic to both Peterborough’s online community and the Twitter accounts of some of our most deserving social media personalities.

We are in the early stages of creating this fun evening of honour and entertainment, but will be announcing a date and venue soon. It is my hope that we can help raise funds during the event in order to support one or more of Peterborough’s non-profit charities.

We will be depending on the community to help come up with both categories and award nominees. Keep an eye open for #petertweeter hash tag tweets and web coverage.

Congratulations, #petertweeters ! We’re going to have a blast with this.

4 thoughts on “The #petertweeterawards

  1. Tim Gane says:

    What a fantastic idea! How does one get involved – I’d certainly like to get involved. Could you email me or DM me details?

  2. Donald Fraser says:

    thanks, tim. i’m sending out committee invites within the next day or so. keep an eye open for it in your email.

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