Your Thoughts: Peterborough as the Land of the Retiree

This Globe and Mail/Census video portrays Peterborough as a welcoming, wonderful place for retirees, but a tough place for “the younger people.”

Senior citizens make their way down the a main street in Peterborough, Ontario on Monday May 7, 2012. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Frank Gunn

“We have been called ‘Geriatric City,'” says Alan Wilson, 82.

“There are so many seniors in Peterborough,” adds Iabell Graham, 88.  “Pretty soon there won’t be any young ones.  They all leave!”

According to Trent Professor, Jim Struthers, Peterborough is slightly ahead of many urban centres when it comes to experiencing the impact of an aging population.  “We are where the rest of Canada is soon going to be,” he explains.

According to Struthers, the area’s high unemployment rates make it difficult to recruit and retain young workers.

What are your thoughts on the article/video?  Are we “Geriatric City?”  Is Peterborough a tough draw for young people?  What does this say about sustainable/diverse economic development in the area?  Does any of this affect you?  And, if we are “Geriatric City,” how do we make Peterborough a more welcoming place for young people?

I’d love to hear your take on it all.

EDIT: You can follow the Twitter discussion on this story (as I update it) on this Storify page.

Also, you can find Facebook comments on the story by clicking here.

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