Small Print Enters Republican-Inspired Shutdown

Image stolen from without permission.

Image stolen from without permission.

Facing the always tricky budgetary problems of caring for our little family, I’ve decided that neither Krista nor I will go to work. I’ve put my foot down.  I’m refusing walks and food for Cedar the Dog, the lawn will grow up and over our ears, and our addition will be left to fall off the back of our house.

I blame all of this on Krista for trying to ensure that we’re all cared for equally and responsibly.

Sure, this will probably screw us all in the end.  But it is important that I take a stand for democracy’s sake.  Until we replace food and medicine with beer money for me and my buddies, I’m considering this whole thing a shutdown.

If you need me, just look out back.  I’ll be throwing a tea party.