Small Print Debut’s the #DailyDebate on CHEX Television’s Daily Show

As previously mentioned in the Small Print blog, the fine folks at CHEX Television have been silly kind enough to bring me on board as their political correspondent on the brand new CHEX Daily Show.  What were they thinking? I’m very excited.

The Daily promises to be a fast-paced interactive show that engages members of the community.  With my segment, the #DailyDebate (yes, it’s a Twitter hashtag), I’m hoping to get viewers interested — and maybe even riled up — about local politics.  Because of this, I’ll take aim at issues and politicians of all political stripes — partisanship be damned.  I’ll hopefully throw in the odd bit of humour to go along with the discourse and dissection.

In my first segment, I jumped into an immediate hot-button issue/argument:  the never-ending Peterborough Parkway debate.

During my first minute on air, I may or may not have referred to a longstanding Council member as a dinosaur (spoiler alert:  I did). It was a contextual jest, of course.  If I get the chance to sneak in a zinger, I’ll definitely go for it.  After all, the more entertaining the piece, the better chance of getting across the message.

Tune into CHEX TV each Tuesday at 5:00pm, and join the conversation online at #DailyDebate on Twitter. It will be great to have you take part in the fun.