Life as a Local Political Consultant

A woman at the grocery store stopped me to tell me she disagreed with my Sentate Scandal piece on the CHEX Daily show.

“Harper didn’t know anything!” she snorted before storming away.

At the butcher store, another woman said she saw me on TV. I jokingly asked her if I was up to no good. She glowered at me and answered “yes.”  She caught herself, though, and politely asked what i was going to cover next week.  Apparently it’s “interesting to hear a local perspective.”

Then, at the LCBO, a drunk guy yelled “Dude! It’s the politics dude!!!

He proceeded to stagger into a shelf, knocking over several cans of beer.

While I’m not sure of his political leanings, his physical ones were decidedly to the right.

If nothing else, I’m eliciting a response.

One thought on “Life as a Local Political Consultant

  1. Rick says:

    I knew you when … you weren’t called out as the dude on television. Hilarious!!!

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