Campaign Launch Media Hits

A quick round-up of media hits from yesterday’s candidacy announcement:


My Kawartha/Peterborough This Week
“While Mr. Fraser is against completing The Parkway extension, he says this election needs to be about more than one issue. He wants to focus also on bringing in jobs for young adults, maintaining a unique and healthy downtown, and ensuring urban growth is done so in a thoughtful and purposeful manner so as not to undermine the long-term development of the city.”

Peterborough Examiner
A bit light on specifics, but does mention my desire for a revitalized downtown.

Peterborough Examiner
“Donald Fraser may attend the first meeting. He is mulling over a run for council, and says he plans to decide this week.

If he runs Fraser says it’ll be for councillor in Ashburnham ward, where he lives.

Fraser is a writer and consultant who was once the communications officer at Peterborough Green-Up. He is the chairman of the Peterborough Bicycle Advisory Committee.

He says he’s particularly interested in keeping the downtown vital and in using social media to increase civic engagement.

Fraser is the founder of the Petertweeter awards, which recognize prolific and effective use of social media in the city.”

Magic 96.7
With sound clip.

“Fraser, who is an active member of several circles, has served with The Peterborough Bicycle Advisory Committee (Chair), the Trent Centre for Community Based Education (Chair), City of Peterborough Community Funding Committee, Peterborough Folk Festival.

Fraser says it is a very exciting time to be a part of the political landscape in the municipality.”

“‘I think it’s been a long time coming. I’ve worked with a lot of non-profit organizations, a lot of businesses, a lot of city committees and things over the years and, on a regular basis, have been asked, ‘So Donald, when are you running for council?’ And I wanted to be sure that I personally was ready before I threw my name in the hat,’ he says.

Fraser says he believes the Parkway will be a key issue, but not the only issue. He adds unemployment, the downtown, and sustainable development to his list.”

EXTRA Peterborough
“It appears the city council race is beginning to heat up. On the same day that Don Vassiliadis threw his hat in the ring to run in the Monaghan Ward….Donald Fraser has told PTBO Canada that he plans to run in the Ashburnham Ward. He tells the online news agency that the city is abuzz with energy and interest in civic affairs but its in need of strong and open leadership. (photo courtesy”