Peterborough Examiner Campaign Coverage: The Extended Version

Photo by Clifford Skarstedt, Peterborough Examiner.

Photo by Clifford Skarstedt, Peterborough Examiner.

Some coverage from today’s Peterborough Examiner of me filing nomination papers for the upcoming municipal election can be found right here.

And, because it is Saturday morning, I’d like to expand on the story a bit. After all, doesn’t everyone enjoy a thicker newspaper on a Saturday morning?  I know I do.

I love the Examiner. I do. Heck, I even had the joy of writing a column in their pages for about 4 years. I love their coverage of local politics, news, and events.

And I think reporter, Joelle Kovach, does a great job. She’s reported on many events that I’ve been a part of and shared so many important local stories.

But like any reporter, for any paper, she uses a hook to make a story interesting, to the point, and readable. When constrained for time and amount of space available, journalists stick to a salient point and use that as the central thrust of their story. Because I have a history of promoting our local social media (including founding/launching the Petertweeter Awards, the first community-based social media awards show, that I know of, in Canada), Joelle was interested in that aspect of my career.

Unfortunately, when it comes to most interviews and stories, the bulk of what was discussed gets left behind. But that is journalism. And that is how news works.

A glimpse of what was left behind from our chat:

1. An emphasis that traditional campaigning is also needed. For some, Twitter is just not used. Period. Eyes glaze over when they see the word. They are just not interested. As well, with one of the older populations in Ontario, there is a sizable demographic that may never have been introduced to social media. In order to cast a wide net, a variety of campaign tools need to be used — including good, old fashioned door knocking.

2. (And the topic that I brought up) That there are many, MANY issues on the table. That I worry that this race will be a one-issue election. That the Parkway threatens to dwarf important debate on our unacceptable unemployment rate (and the lack of retention of youth/young adults in our community), our need for downtown revitalization (and a need for a comprehensive strategy for maintaining/developing the core of our city), and the needed emphasis placed on purposeful and thoughtful urban growth (so that
our planning and design principles shape our city’s development and are
not undermined by short-term pressures).

3. Clarification: I’m indeed running in Ward 4, Ashburnham.

I thank both Joelle and the Examiner for the coverage. And I look forward to more coverage of all our candidates and election issues in the coming months. I enjoy and respect the work that the Examiner does in our community.