Small Print Teams Up With Studio N for Trent 50th Wrap-Up

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Click here for the 2014-2015: A Year of Celebration document.

While I have been busy plugging away creating wonderful online, radio, and print publications for Trent University’s Alumni Affairs, the University itself remains a Small Print client.  We recently teamed up with our good friends at Studio N to create a memory book to help wrap up 50th Anniversary celebrations for Trent.

“Concluding a memorable 50th anniversary year, Trent University has wrapped up festivities with an ode to the staff, faculty, students, retirees, community members, and tireless workers who made the celebration possible. The 50th Anniversary highlight report captures memories of the many anniversary events in photos and in prose.

Please join us in re-living the year through 2014-2015: A Year of Celebration, and get ready for the start of another exceptional 50 years.”

Special thanks to Sarah Crane of Studio N for her incredible design work — as always, it was a pleasure to work alongside Studio N.

Thanks also to Small Print’s newest assistant on this project, Jenna Pilgrim.  Jenna was essential in getting both photo and written content pulled together in time.

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