song of the day: this lamb sells condos (final fantasy)

final fantasy was the stage/recording name used by toronto indie/classical musician owen pallett (he likes video games). the last album recorded under that moniker, “he poos clouds,” was mostly recorded with a string quartet (pallett is a classically trained multi-instrumentalist). once you get over the album name, you will find a brilliant piece of baroque pop — very much classical in instrument and arrangement, but on a different planet in style.

“this lamb sells condos” is a bit of a departure from the rest of the album’s sound. recorded with just piano and vocal, it tells the story of a condo owner in toronto’s gaybourhood.

lyrically and musically provocative.

look for pallett’s new album, “heartland,” recorded under his own name, to hit the web and selected stores this friday.

2 thoughts on “song of the day: this lamb sells condos (final fantasy)

  1. clifford says:

    i waffle between thinking FF as suprisingly innovative or overly self-indulgent. this song, however, is pretty great.

    for the innovative slightly pop-y singer songwriter, regina spektor has my vote through and through and through. her latest album is a real stunner.

  2. Donald Fraser says:

    i do too, but i think that “he poos clouds” is the better of his efforts.” i’ll wait for the new album to see what he is really capable of.

    but, really, an album called “he poos clouds?” i get embarrassed recommending it. 😉

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