Ghosts: A song in Progress

I’m working on a new song. It should be done later this week.

Part doo-wop, part rave-up, part ghost story, part human frailty…  All things considered, it should at least be interesting. At least I hope so. You can let me know.

And, I know… the vocals are muddy. My vocal mic’s are out on loan.

Hope you enjoy.  Clickety-click on the link below.

I’ve Got Ghosts

I’ve Got Ghosts

Midnight weary
Midnight dreary
Hold me, love, and cheer me
Before the dawn breaks bleary.

Oh, no, I’ve got ghosts of the most late nocturnal
I’ve got ghosts, I’m the host with the most paranormal
Well I’ve seen how they scream as I dream bloody murder
I shouldn’t dream, so it seems, please don’t scream with such fervour.

One’s a ghost crept from the past
One’s a future now precast from the present fading fast
Another one’s inside my head showing me the walking dead
Feasting on my sense of dread as I toss inside my bed.

Oh, man, skeletons, boogiemen, hell, I’ve got Saskwatch
I’ve got vampires keeping watch, they’re drinking scotch, but they want blood
My closet’s full and so’s my skull, it’s never dull, this nightmare
When the dead wont stay dead, and shriek instead, I’m so scared.

3 thoughts on “Ghosts: A song in Progress

  1. Gaelyn says:

    This is great Don! I love it! Part of me wants something to resolve it (emotionally), but that would break the mood it captures. I really don’t have any suggestions!

  2. Donald Fraser says:

    yeah. there is another verse coming. and there may be some resolution at the end. being held and having the ghosts be banished by this loving embrace. i hint at it in the first round of b/g vocals “hold me love, and cheer me…”

    i like the gloominess of the sound. organ/theremin. and then juxtaposed bouncy vocals. it’s like tim burton met the fleet foxes. 😉

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