New Feature: #ithinkiloveyou

Over on my personal Facebook page and my personal @ptbo_skeptic Twitter account, I’ve started a regular little blub/feature where I give a shout out to people that, in my eyes, have done or said something worth shouting out to the world.

I celebrate these folks by pointing out my admiration with a simple Twitter hashtag:  #ithinkiloveyou.

I’ve also made a permanent home for the #ithinkiloveyou feature on this site.  Just click on the #ithinkiloveyou tab on the main navigation menu (above).

The first two #ithinkiloveyou’s went out to Sarah Polley (for her trashing of Kevin O’Leary on Twitter) and local blues master, Rick Fines (for his Occupy PCVS blues).

It’s all in fun.  And while I don’t actually have any romantic leanings for these folks (well, OK, Sarah is pretty darned cute as well as being politically and socially vocal), there is a little place in my heart for all of them.

And what would an award like this be without a theme song?  I thank local songwriter, academic, activist, musician, Dave Tough for the suggestion of this Partridge Family nugget:


One thought on “New Feature: #ithinkiloveyou

  1. Jake says:

    Haha, I love the idea and the video you included is a perfect fit!

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